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Software is essentially a set of business rules and conventions.  The right software for your business functions enables you to perform necessary operations in the most efficient way with control and information.  Most software is an accumulation of tried and true methods of operating efficiently.  The use of the software is what sets retailers apart.

Infinity Retail Management System

Infinity from Triquestra http://www.triquestra.com/ is a high end retail system that will allow for the operation of a Point of Sale lane or a network of Point of Sales lane in a store, multiple stores or even multiple countries.

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Infinity Mobile and Metrologic Optimizer

Moblity is the use of computer technology while moving around,  This is enabled with the use of mobile terminals that may have programs and data stored in them or link via WiFi to a system that has the applications stored. 

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uniCenta OPOS

http://www.unicenta.com is a touch screen open source point of sale system.



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